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Spotlight on Los Angeles Surveillance Investigators

Spotlight on Los Angeles Surveillance Investigators

Surveillance InvestigatorsWhile private investigation is a mysterious profession for most people, some even scoff at the thought of it being a viable profession, considering the fact that law enforcement personnel are already combating every known type of criminal activity and or managing heavy case loads within their defined jurisdiction. Los Angeles surveillance investigators and their clients, however, have a different story to tell. Professional private investigators as well as those who have availed their services insist that it is a thriving profession.

This is because although the local police and or law enforcement detectives are doing their best to handle every major and minor illegal activity, they typically don’t have the man power, time and at times the required resources to provide their complete focus to every case. Moreover, law enforcement officers often refuse to intervene on certain cases because they may have doubts about the credibility of the complainant and or victim while other times they refuse to get involved because they do not want to be dragged into court, especially when dealing with domestic issues and or child custody cases. This is where hiring a Los Angeles private detective comes in as a possible solution for those who need a professional investigation conduct by someone who empathizes with their situation, actually cares and is driven by results.

How Private Investigators Help

Private detectives in Los Angeles strive to provide resolutions to problems arising out of the inherent evil attributes within us all. The issues private investigators investigate include but are not limited to:

    • Criminal defense investigations
    • Child custody investigations
    • Pre-employment background checks
    • Employee drug screening
    • New tenant background checks
    • Employee malfeasance
    • Elderly wellbeing and wellness checks
    • GPS tracking of people and assets
    • Eavesdrop detection and removal of clandestine listening devices/bugs
    • Premarital background checks
    • Education and reference verification
    • Computer investigations
    • Infidelity investigations and surveillance
    • Theft investigations and Loss Prevention
    • Workers Compensation claims investigations
    • Substance abuse investigations
    • At risk teen’s investigations, etc.

How They Work

Private investigators gather evidences from a variety of sources including the internet, social media websites, old phone books, and various other private & confidential sources. The digital revolution has penetrated deep into the lives of the vast majority of people worldwide with almost every individual in developed economies relying on their mobile phones and the internet which further extends the scope of the private investigator’s job. In order to provide their clients with mitigating evidence, they secure tangible documentation such as public records, gather intelligence from cross references sources and data mining, and legally obtain video and or audio recordings that are pertinent and applicable to the cases that they have been assigned. Furthermore, private detectives Los Angeles also use many other undisclosed trade secret techniques that often unearth significant information that may single handedly provide their clientele with actionable intelligence that will be necessary to make an informed decision.

Hiring Los Angeles Surveillance Investigators

Clients, while evaluating private investigation agencies, should emphasize on the experience and the reviews of the clients of a private detective firm. They should also consider the preparation time needed and taken by an investigative firm to solve the cases along with their fees. Confidentiality agreements and concealment of delicate information are other prerequisites to be remembered while hiring a private investigation agency. It is also imperative that prospective clients ask questions about the experience level of the actual investigators that may be assigned to their case. All private investigation agencies should have their employees and or experienced subcontractors sign confidentiality agreements so that you have some sense that your personal & private information is held in strict confidence by everyone within the investigative agency. It is very easy to get fooled by an investigative agency that does not have the required resources to solve your concern, but may project wrong figures and or client testimonials to gain your trust. Therefore, always proceed with caution, due your own due diligence and be very concerned if the investigative agency doesn’t thoroughly investigate you and the legitimacy of your request before taking the assignment. If they don’t properly investigate you before taking your money you will most likely be very disappointed with the end result and may have just opened your private life to future litigation.


Author: Claude D. Ammons III
CA PI License #: 23070/26978
Founder & Qualified Manager
Surveillance Systems Group, Inc.
DBA: AIR / Agency of Investigation Recon
DBA: Corinthian Group Investigations
DBA: ACI / Astute Criminal Investigations