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Below are some common Signs of Infidelity developed by an Infidelity Investigator & Expert to help you get a better perspective on your situation. This tool will ultimately aid you in determining if an infidelity investigation is truly warranted.

Investigate4you.com can discreetly, confidentially and efficiently provide answers to areas of your relationship where there are many questions.

It is our belief that you will generally see multiple infidelity signs for a consistent period of time. However, sometimes this behavior will be sporadic as the cheater tries to avoid future detection. Nonetheless, multiple signs of infidelity are usually present.

Infidelity Checklist:
  • Has a problem when you answer their phone.
  • Private or discreet cell phone conversations.
  • Has a separate account(s) (Bank, phone & email).
  • Spends more money in cash (ATM) & credit card.
  • More attention to appearance (Diet, clothes & GYM).
  • Odor of cologne/perfume.
  • Changed attitude and distant.
  • Sex drive/Bedroom intimacy is abnormal.
  • Trips with the friends (guys or girls).
  • Comes home late, maybe with liquor on breath.
  • Computer use increases and has private passwords.
  • Caught on online dating sites.
  • Spending more time at work or work related events.

Trust your gut instinct & have OUR-EYEZ be yours.

However, the # 1 and most always present sign of infidelity that our Infidelity Investigators say contribute to the vast majority of (if not all) infidelity cases is ??? Separate Accounts (Bank, home & mobile phones, Credit Cards, computer login & email, etc.).


Signs of Infidelity for Women

Preventing Infidelity:

Preventing infidelity is easier said then done, because a person involved in a relationship can only focus on his or her own behavior. However, every couple should address and create a Success Plan for their relationship, family, finances and personal goals to blossom. When creating a plan for success for your family & relationship. One boundary that should be permanent is that no individual goals should supersede or take precedence above what is in the best interest of the family as a whole.Don’t allow your personal obsession for wealth, power or fame take priority over balanced nurturing of your relationship and children.Share your fears, dreams, likes, dislikes and motivations. There should be no surprises.

Consider the 4 areas of Balance. The 1st area is Spirituality, which encompasses education, growth, and unity with your creator & spouse. The 2nd area is Nourished Relationships,which encompasses spending quality time, with you spouse, children and friends. The 3rd area is Personal Achievement,which encompasses setting and accomplishing goals, health & fitness and education. The 4th area is Financial Strategy,which encompasses careers, business ventures & Investments, financial planning, protecting your credit & identity and personal spending habits. When couples utilize and balance these 4 aspects of your lives.Love & Success Blossom and brings forth much fruit. Your future should never be in doubt and infidelity can be averted.

On a Spiritual level, infidelity has a negative impact and creates separation between the cheater and God. It surprises us to find so many cheating housewives and two-timing husbands who feel that this is acceptable in a marriage. Corinthian Group believes that marriage is a Spiritual union between a man, a woman and God.” That is what the wedding ring symbolizes, a complete and unending union of the three “.As soon as you take one of the three out of the equation, it generally spells doom for most marriages.So before you call a Private Investigator for Infidelity surveillance. Before you invest your hard earned cash into Infidelity Investigations. Have a long serious talk with your spouse to see if you can compromise a solution to the separate account issue and or seek the services of a Professional Family & Marriage Counselor.