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Shadows with Senses: Orange County Private Investigators

Shadows with Senses: Orange County Private Investigators

Orange County Private InvestigatorsPrivate investigation is a profession that immediately brings out glamorized memories of sifting through clues and nailing the baddies with the help of the ash of their cigarettes. Every teenager, at some time or the other, has dreamt of putting on that bowler hat and solving crimes without lifting a finger. (Sometimes the Sherlock Holmes’ and Hercule Poirot’s had to do that as well.) Orange county private investigators, on the other hand, appeal prospective clients and detectives not to build their expectations based on fictional characters.

The functions of a private investigator include but are not confined to

  • Criminal defense investigations
  • Pre-employment background checks, employee drug screening, new tenant background checks
  • Loss prevention, internal theft, drug usage/sales, and or other employee malfeasance
  • Monitor At-Risk Teens behavior, elderly well-being and wellness checks
  • GPS tracking of people and or  assets
  • Eavesdrop detection and removal of bugs aka hidden cameras
  • Audio monitoring
  • Premarital background checks
  • Education and reference verification

Infidelity cases seem to be on the rise and most of the cases for Orange county private investigators have their hands full with collecting evidences that can expressly prove the wrongdoings of adulterous partners.  Being eccentric is not an option for private investigators, and clients are advised not to fall for cheap theatrics. Experience, credibility, swiftness and success rate of cases solved need to be the essential parameters, along with client feedback and the ability to withhold sensitive information.

The job of a private detective involves a reasonable amount of risk and, as they work independent of the legal framework, it becomes all the more difficult to get access to important information. Private investigation is a job which requires a person to keep their wits about and remain calm in all circumstances, for in order to solve sticky situations, investigators face such crisis time and again.