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An Introduction to Rancho Cucamonga Private Investigators

An Introduction to Rancho Cucamonga Private Investigators

Private InvestigatorsPrivate investigation is a profession surrounded by countless myths, rumors, and speculations. The portrayal of this profession in literature and mainstream media has led many of us to have a rather glamorized view about it. Rancho Cucamonga private investigators advise not to formulate ideas and notions based on Sherlock Holmes, Magnum PI and or Veronica Mars, as fiction is usually far from reality.

The job of Rancho Cucamonga private investigators involves but is certainly not limited to:

  • Criminal defense investigation
  • Conduct security checks and provide consultation on threats to assets
  • Conduct background checks of new tenants
  • Investigate physical/inventory loss, theft, pilferage
  • Conduct a background check of prospective employees, which further includes:
    • Drug tests
    • Documentation and reference verification
    • Past criminal records check
    • Financial issues and or civil liabilities
    • Monitor at-risk behavior in teens or youth
    • Investigate possible use of drugs and/or involvement in criminal activities
    • Infidelity investigations and evidence collection of adulterous behavior
    • Detect possible eavesdropping devices in property or in the vicinity
    • Premarital background checks
    • Computer investigations

With such a diversified specialization portfolio, it is no wonder that the entertainment industry portrays private detectives leading an enigmatic life.

The Real Sources of Evidence used by Private Investigators

If cigarette ashes and footprints are not the go-to clues for Rancho Cucamonga private investigators, from where do they collect evidences?

In today’s digital age, that should not be a hard one to answer. The main sources of information for private investigators include:

  • Social media messages and chats
  • Public and restricted access records
  • Video and audio recordings (where applicable by state or federal law)
  • Tangible documentation
  • Legal documents
  • Statements obtained from interviews and or interrogations
  • Information from confidential sources and or investigative trade secrets


It is not easy being a private detective as one has neither the backing of the law nor the luxury to always disclose their true identity and or intentions during the investigation process. Ontario private investigators have to completely rely on their wits, instincts and confidence to get out of sticky situations while still being able to obtain the required intelligence without compromising the investigation. However, that’s what makes the job exciting as well. So bring forth your doubts, problems and worries to get them confidentially resolved by private investigators that no longer don a squash detective hat, pipe and magnifying glass before the begin searching for clues!


Author: Claude D. Ammons III
CA PI License #: 23070/26978
Founder & Qualified Manager
Surveillance Systems Group, Inc.
DBA: AIR / Agency of Investigation Recon
DBA: Corinthian Group Investigations
DBA: ACI / Astute Criminal Investigations