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corinthian group value proposition

1.  The 1st 4 hours, on the 1st day of surveillance, for every surveillance case is FREE.

a. Requires a minimum of 10-12 hours of surveillance. With over 10 years of surveillance experience the evidence is irrefutable. The overwhelming majority of claimants leave their residence every day at some point. Corinthian Group Investigators want to be there when they do.

2. 4 Free Background searches per month


Complexity Price Schedule-(Packages)
~B2B Locates/Skip-trace~
  • Used for initial locates. This search has a 75% success rate for locating most subjects
  • Requires Name, DOB, valid last known residential address or Social Security number
  • Will return current address and basic public information within 24-48 hours.

Fixed @ $99.00 Each.$396.00 VALUE

3. FREE 1 hour consultation or 4 hours Free for B2B Clients

Communication is the essential ingredient in all partnerships. An Investigators experience & knowledge is an underused commodity within the legal community at large. When a law firm has consulted an investigative firm during the building of the case, the results we have witnesses are overwhelmingly in favor of the legal teams that consulted with an experienced investigative firm.

*** Find statistic or trends of legal decisions that favored a legal team that used and or consulted with an investigative firm…

4. 4 Free Hours to be used to create a promotional video featuring your firm or company.

Corinthian Group knows the value of marketing our services and believes that each client should be a business partner. Therefore, we have elected to use our videography skills to develop a promotional video that will highlight our client’s services and provide exposure for our respective firms.
*** You will not be changed any fees unless it is anticipated that the requested production will exceed four hours. Each client is guaranteed 1 FREE video. (4 hours include recording time, pre production & post production)