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Workers Comp Private Investigators: An Overview

Workers Comp Private Investigators: An Overview

Work Comp Private InvestigatorsToday, with an increasing number of businesses in Los Angeles, the instances of workers compensation fraud have also increased. Every year, thousands of fraudulent claims and unpaid premium cases are lodged in the city’s tribunal. Consequently, employers have to bear high premium rates, which drain their profits and force many businesses to set up shop in states like Nevada that are much more business friendly. Such frauds also affect honest workers, their pay and work conditions. Professional assistance from Los Angeles workers comp private investigator, however, can help you investigate red flagged claims to effectively mitigate damages and in some instances allow local prosecutors to file criminal charges against claimant’s when workers compensation private investigators provide significant evidence to prove that the elements of fraud have been substantively met.

What is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation, as the name suggests, is an insurance policy that provides coverage to workers who suffer an injury or illness as a result of any of their occupational duties. Workers Compensation insurance was designed to protect employees while holding employers accountable for a safe work environment for those they employ. The insurance includes the cost of medical care, rehabilitation and the lost wages for the injured employee. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous employees make false claims in order to wrongly capitalize on this provision, which usually affect the employer in multiple ways.

The Intricacies Involved

Free money and or more specifically greed are the primary driving force of false and or malingered workers compensation claims. Dishonest workers often take up a second job or start their own business, while wrongly receiving compensation for injuries sustained by the insured. Claimants routinely insist that they are no longer able to perform their work duties and in some cases purport their injuries are so serious that they now require training in a new profession. Moreover, some workers compensation claimants also utilize the insurance money received for their injuries to fund their personal obligations as well as leisure activities.

5 Tips for Employers to Prevent Such Frauds

  • Make sure your employees receive appropriate work related training and have duly signed the documentation indicating their compliance to your safety policies.
  • Identify potential areas of threat at workplace and install video cameras wherever required.
  • Provide periodic employee safety training to ensure everyone is aware of the safety procedures and standards in place.
  • Hire a team of Los Angeles workers comp private investigators with a proven track record of mitigating large claims who are equipped to efficiently investigate such claims.
  • Implement and enforce a sound drug testing procedure to ensure workplace safety.

How Workers Comp Private Investigators Help

Professional Los Angeles workers comp fraud investigators specialize in investigating fraudulent claimant in an efficient and timely manner. They are specialists who are trained to investigate suspicious claims, and after a thorough investigation, they share their findings to help build a case to nullify false claims.

If you are looking to hire Los Angeles Workers Comp Private Investigators, a quick web search will lead you to a plethora of options. However, before making your selection, make sure that you ask to review client testimonials received by the agencies you’ve identified and or for the names of their work comp clients in order to effectively weed out inexperienced private investigators.