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Private Eyes on the Prowl: A Peek in the world of Los Angeles Private Detectives

Private Eyes on the Prowl: A Peek in the world of Los Angeles Private Detectives

Private DetectivesBeing a private detective is the dream profession for many. Adolescent fanboys and girls have a huge affinity towards this line of work; thanks to abundant literature and movies available showcasing the profession. Los Angeles private detectives swear by the many disappointed reactions they have had when people actually get to know their profession. Though the disconnect between the perceived and real work practices of private detectives may seem to be a trivial issue, it often leads to clients having unreasonable expectations from the investigators.

The job profile of Los Angeles private detectives, and others across the US, involves looking into a variety of issues.  The services provided by leading Los Angeles private detectives include but are not limited to:

  • Insurance fraud investigations (workers compensation, auto liability , disability fraud)
  • Child custody investigation
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • Background checks (Pre-employment background checks, tenant and drug screening)
  • Loss Prevention (Internal theft, external theft, drug usage, other employee malfeasances)
  • Infidelity investigation (cheating spouses, cheating husband, cheating wives, etc.)
  • GPS tracking of people and assets
  • TSCM (Eavesdrop detection) IE- Removal of bugs (hidden cameras, mics, etc.)
  • Premarital background checks
  • Education and reference verification
  • Corporate investigations (espionage, mergers & acquisitions, business partners, etc.)

As evident, there is extensive diversity in the job of a private investigator. Sometimes, they need to work on exceedingly different cases in a single day. This calls for a calm, composed and an astute individual, which is of paramount importance. Furthermore, eccentric behavior is not an option for private investigators. They need to keep a low profile in order to accomplish their objective with the least resistance, and this becomes difficult with ‘bowler hats’ and or other suspicious clothing as portrayed in movies.

With technology constantly changing, the job of a private investigator often yields quick results. A simple query which may have taken the old gumshoe private eye days because they were force to hitting the streets in order to obtain clues. However, those same queries can be resolved quickly when a knowledgeable private investigator with numerous resources are assigned to the task. Though they do not generally have the backing off their local law enforcement agency, it is their quick wit, extensive training and relentless nature to pursue all possible leads to its final conclusion which helps to resolve cases at a higher than normal rate when compared to most law enforcement agencies.  Essentially, this is what they are known for, private eyes which can excavate the truth before you can say “Sherlock.”