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Suspecting infidelity? Hire an Infidelity Investigation Expert

Suspecting infidelity? Hire an Infidelity Investigation Expert

Infidelity InvestigationInfidelity can strangle even the strongest relationships, leaving behind feelings of betrayal, guilt, and destroyed families in its wake. The very thought of your partner cheating is excruciatingly difficult for most of us comprehend and forgive. According to a recent survey by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, about 15% women and 25% men (among those surveyed) have had physical relations with someone other than their spouse, validating that the phenomenon is way more common than what most people choose to believe. Hence, if you too are suspecting infidelity in your relationship, it is important to hire a resourceful infidelity investigation expert in order to uncover the truth.

Common Signs of Infidelity

Change in Intimacy:

An increase and decrease in the level of intimacy or sexual preferences is one of the first signs of infidelity.

Frequent Disagreements:

Your spouse might be cheating on you if they get into arguments at the drop of a hat, without any reasoning.

Suspicious Phone Habits:

Signs such as acting secretive about text messages and call logs, or seeming to lie about certain phone calls are also indications of infidelity. Password protected phones, utilization of texting or communicative phone applications and a general territorial nature when it comes to someone else using and or answering the suspect cheaters phone are most certainly red flag indicators that infidelity may exist.

Change in Lifestyle and Appearance:

A noticeable change in the lifestyle and personal care can also be clues of infidelity.  Also noteworthy is when a suspected cheater has access to funds that can’t be monitored by their significant other. Separate bank accounts, secret credit cards and or carry large sums of unmonitored cash are common factors in the vast majority of infidelity cases.

Suspicious Internet Use:

Much like secretive phone habits, your spouse, if cheating on you, can be very secretive about their internet activities and passwords. Clearing of history and browser cache while at a time is justifiable can ultimately be an excuse to cover their internet use.

Changes in Day-to-day Habits:

Increased showering, hair & body manicuring, frequent use of mouthwash and the use of fragrances such as perfume or cologne as also important behavior to monitor. In the majority of the infidelity cases investigated, the suspected cheater has a renewed desire to diet and exercise more frequently than in the past.

Changes in Work Routine:

If your spouse starts to spend more time in the office, makes excuses of “extended work hours”, and or goes on more trips for business or personal reasons may also be important indicator that infidelity is occurring.

The Solution: Professional Infidelity Investigation

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, there is no point mulling over the situation – the time has come to hire an infidelity investigation expert. Involving surveillance and various other evidence collection methods, infidelity investigation cases may require a several hours, a couple of days to weeks to in order to discreetly identify unusual patterns and or obtain irrefutable video evidence. Nonetheless, the more information the better but avoid asking to many questions or voicing your suspicions to the suspected cheater before retaining the services of a licensed and experience infidelity investigator. Regardless of the intricacies involved, when you hire a professional investigation agency, your case should always be treated with discretion and dedication. You are informed at each step of the investigation, and this process continues until they obtain the desired evidence that will either confirm or refute your suspicion. In addition, it is important to decide what you are planning to do about your relationship should your suspicions be confirmed. Sometime divorce is the only recourse while in the majority of cases, seeking counseling might be the most productive option. Nonetheless, using the evidence obtained by a private investigator to force your significant other into obedience and or embarrassing them NEVER works as a deterrent and will ultimately be a waste of the client’s money. However, you might be required to offer your support during the investigation. This means that you should be willing to speak openly with the investigator about the facts of the situation, and be available when required.


Some people seek professional help as soon as they suspect infidelity in their relationship, as they need solid evidence to support their belief, before they can confront their partner. If you too are suspecting infidelity, it is advisable to hire Los Angeles Infidelity Investigators possessing proven competence without wasting any time. “Time is of the essence!”