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security-integrity-availability-confidentiality - corinthian groupFLAT RATE FEES

For high volume clientele we offer Flat Rate Surveillance Fees. CORINTHIAN GROUP can create a cost efficient rate plan according to the type of cases, location of cases and average volume of case load supplied to our firm on a monthly/yearly basis. These services are designed to assist clients in their attempts to effectively budget their surveillance investigations to reduce incidental but costly expenses. Below is a sample our a Flat Rate schedule that includes costs for report preparation, drive time to and from the case (cases not exceeding 5 hours round trip) and mileage (cases not exceeding 300 round trip miles per day). Also included is 1 copy of video tape evidence on (VHS, CD or DVD) and other mandatory administrative costs associated with the investigation and management of claims cases. This service excludes all necessary out of town Lodging expenses and/or out of pocket expenses incurred during a field investigation.Sample Flat Rate Fee Schedule:
Surveillance Investigation



We pride ourselves on our extensive Workers Compensation experience that has been obtain through the thousands of cases we have successfully mitigated over the last decade. Over the past 12 years, Workers Compensation fraud investigation is still Corinthian Groups’ primary area of expertise.

Every case is different, therefore each case must be managed strategically in advance to obtain the most favorable results possible. Corinthian Group is always prepared to assign the appropriate investigator, with the required surveillance equipment and vehicle on any particular case. Being able to discreetly infiltrate a neighborhood and or community undetected is the 1st goal at the start of any surveillance. With a variety of multi-cultural & multi-lingual investigators at our disposal, we have a strategic advantage over our competitors. No one ever knows where a surveillance investigation my take you, but it is the Investigator’s responsibility to be prepared for the unexpected. Our primary objective on each case is to be ready when the evidence presents itself…

While conducting covert surveillance operations, our investigators are knowledgeable of all state and applicable federal privacy laws to avoid invasion of privacy concerns which can prevent damaging video evidence from be labeled inadmissible in future court proceedings. The understanding of these laws and the application of discretion during surveillance not only protects our clients from unnecessary liability (civil and or criminal) but also protects our investigators integrity, safety and livelihood.


  • Employee malfeasance
  • Physician Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Professional Disability Fraud
  • Activity check
  • Stationary & Remote Activity Check Recon
  • Long Distance Video & Photographic
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Vehicle Surveillance
  • Foot Surveillance
  • Covert & Undercover
  • C.C.T.V. ( Closed Circuit Television)


  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Country Clubs/Golf Course
  • Night Clubs
  • Shopping malls
  • Weddings
  • Churches
  • Amusement Parks
  • Beaches
  • Outdoor Athletic events
  • Swap meets
  • Trains/Trolleys
  • Buses

And out of town and out of state overnight vacations/trips



Case Monitor is our web based “paperless” case management system that allows us to help our clients to become more efficient and their business more profitable. It is not in our client’s best interest to charge unnecessary fees which could have been prevented if the necessary due diligence measures were in place. Defense Attorney’s are very busy individuals and Case Monitor will allow them access to all the evidence to be viewed at their leisure and discretion. We all understand that time is money; therefore Case Monitor will be just 1 of the vital resources that will increase your overall success and efficiency.



One of the many features Case Monitor offers our clients is the ability to be notified in advance (generally 2 weeks) when evidence may be needed for an upcoming deposition, mediation or trial. This allows the client and Corinthian Group to request additional surveillance hours to obtain the needed evidence and get the evidence to the requested destination(s) in a timely manner. However, there will be times when the client’s office personnel have not properly calendared important dates and or meetings. In such cases, Case Monitor saves our clients unnecessary fees by allowing them to retrieve the video evidence and or reports/updates from off our secured website free of charge. However, there still may be times when a rush surveillance is requested 1-3 days before an upcoming deposition. In these cases, Corinthian Group will expeditiously conduct the surveillance, upload the evidence to Case Monitor and the client can save the expenses of having evidence hand delivered by downloading the evidence themselves and burning it to the appropriate media. Corinthian Charges only charges our hourly rate/Flat Fee when we download & upload the video to the Case Monitor sites saving hundreds of dollars in unnecessary fees per case.

It would obviously be more profitable to continue charging our clients to hand deliver video evidence when things fall through the cracks, but we believe that it is more honorable to do what is needed and not what is self-serving.



Our investigators are licensed and have between 10 and 20 year surveillance experience. We utilize both men and female investigators from diverse ethnic backgrounds.
Standard Operating Procedures
All of our investigators follow our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) while conducting surveillance which insures that our clients have consistent results regardless of the investigator being utilized on the case.


Corinthian Groups investigators receive a variety of training to insure that our clients receive the consistent results, report writing and updating that they have come to expect from our firm. Our training addresses new legislation which may impact how investigators conduct an investigation to advanced techniques used during multi-investigator surveillance operations. With the ever changing new technology, development of new investigative methods, and or updated client needs, investigators must receive regular training to stay ahead of the curve.
Corinthian Group has a successful track record of retaining our investigators because of the healthy work relationships that are fostered from all levels of management. Therefore, Corinthian Group won’t encounter problems trying to locate investigators when the case goes to trial. Our Investigative Technicians are the heart of our firm. They must sacrifice so much of their personal time to insure that each case has been diligently investigated. We respect that sacrifice, encourage personal growth and reward them for their efforts.
Corinthian Group is a family in all since of the word, so the investigators that are affiliated with our firm demonstrate their commitment to us be the work product they produce for our clients.

invehicle laptop - corinthian group investigations
We require and or supply our Investigators the following equipment: with laptops, covert hidden cameras, to Using cutting-edge technology such as night-vision generation 3 lenses, GPS, wireless video-recording systems and other electronics, we can often overcome the most challenging conditions and capture video or still photography essential to proving criminal Workers’ Compensation fraud.

  • Laptops
  • Internet access in the field
  • Covert pinhole cameras
  • Night Vision Equipment
  • Change of clothes in a suitcase.
  • Extra cash for emergencies.
  • We utilized state of the art camera equipment along with discreet hidden cameras. We can obtain film anywhere at anytime.


Our detailed reports are easy to read, have video stills incorporated into the noteworthy paragraphs and accurately reflect our professional investigative efforts. Our updates & reports are uploaded to Case Monitor. Case Monitor will then send an email to the designation claims professionals informing tem that the update, report and or video is now available for their review. Each designee will have their own pass code to view the evidence at the discretion and leisure.
Updates can be sent from the investigator while in the field via text or email and are sent to the designated claims personnel via email at the end of the day. During surveillance, we often obtain intelligence and or evidence that require immediate attention from claims managers in hopes that the investigator can take advantage of activity while it is relevant. Corinthian Group knows that offering our clients incoming intelligence on their cases utilizing text messaging and or emails has significantly increased surveillance results and mitigation efficiency.




  • Admissible, Irrefutable and Mitigating Evidence…
  • Our innovative, strictly legal and discreet surveillance techniques have allowed clients to obtain restitution for their losses and in some cases have had the cost of the investigation completely reimbursed.
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