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Date: April 28, 2012

Los Angeles County Private Investigator, Claude Ammons believes the
increase use of surveillance methods and equipment can be a huge benefit to businesses
“When you need to know the truth – a Surveillance Sleuth provides the proof!”

Los Angeles, California, United States of America – April 28, 2012 –Surveillance Systems Group Inc, doing business as Corinthian Group is a private investigative firm specializing in workers compensation insurance fraud, child custody and criminal defense cases has determined that the city of Ontario, California would be the best location to run its business. The city of Ontario has grown exponentially of the last 20 years because of its worldwide commerce and relatively close proximity to Downtown Los Angeles by way of the 60 freeway.

The geographical proximity to the Ontario International Airport, the Rancho Cucamonga (West Valley) Courthouse and the multitude of industrial business facilities nearby provide ample opportunity for California’s premier investigative firm to cater to their clients needs. Providing a discreet, freeway close and professional office location to consult with their clients has proved to be beneficial for instilling confidence in their clients. However, some clients require more personal attention so being within 5 minutes of the less congested and pristine Ontario International Airport offers an added bonus to clients who may need immediate consultation once the arrive in town.

Some of their clients range from high profile clients, prestigious law firms and private individuals or businesses that need the truth to speak on their behalf. Founder & Qualified Manager of Corinthian Group, Claude Ammons calls their private investigators “Advocates of the Truth”. Mr. Ammons believes that there are 2 or more sides of every story, yet the truth is the sole motivating component that allows for a relentless, unbiased and diligent investigation to be garnered. Corinthian Groups vast experience allows them to empathize with their clients circumstances which allows their clients to experience a release of the burden they often carry and establishes a special confidence that breeds a successful working relationship.

It was once said, “When in doubt, surveillance, surveillance and more surveillance.” As an expert in most things surveillance, Private Investigator Claude Ammons understands how the use or implementation of surveillance measures can efficiently reduce risk, decrease loss, monitor a loved ones activities, obtain competitive intelligence, prevent crime and aid in the apprehension of suspects to name but a few.

Mr. Ammons has used various surveillance methods to catch shop lifters, uncover employee theft rings and malfeasance, catch unfaithful spouses in and out of the country, locate defendants & reluctant witnesses, identify & prevent stalking, document fraudsters in the act, serve difficult subpoenas and substantiate claims of child neglect & abuse.

The term surveillance is quite ambiguous but encompasses a wide variety of methods, programs and electronic devices such as covert GPS tracking devices, surveillance security systems and undercover stings to name but a few. In Mr. Ammons’s mind, it is hard to identify how some form of surveillance can’t be relevant, productive and economically feasible for most of life’s problems. Nonetheless, the successful use of any surveillance method generally hinges on 3 important factors:

1-Investigation Firm: The company’s overall experience, their knowledge of the applicable local, state and federal audio & video privacy laws and their ability to established surveillance protocols to help manage the investigator(s) assigned to each case.

2-Surveillance Equipment: The use of state of the art equipment, the maintenance of the equipment and the understanding on which state of the art technology has been accepted in the applicable courts.

3-The Investigator: Investigators must be comfortable with the uncertainty that is surveillance and be extremely durable. Extreme heat, cold, working in confined spaces, working long hours, having an inquisitive nature, being relentless and never accepting no as an answer, being aware of their surrounding at all times are just the corner stone of a competent surveillance investigator.

Private Investigators play a pivotal role in the legal system and are often the unsung heroes that provide tangible evidence to attorneys. From Scott Peterson, Haleigh Cummings to Casey Anthony, private investigators are usually the determining factor in the outcome of any many legal cases. However, there are many more low profile cases where private investigator’s work product is essential to defending, prosecuting and dismissing a case that most people are unaware. Private Investigators provide alternate theories to the somewhat traditional methods used by many law enforcement agencies. There is recent news that a Private Investigator from Texas who has spent 18 years probing the case believes that he has evidence that points to OJ Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson being the person responsible for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. “Wow, is it possible that there was a “traditional rush to judgment” on behalf of LAPD and the real killer is walking free above suspicion?” Very possible!

Many people are enamored with Private Investigators and believe that they have what it takes to be a surveillance investigator. Mr. Ammons is often asked about the common television stereotypes associated with the investigative profession. “I cringe every time my wife turns on Cheaters. There are so many misconceptions and negative impressions about the private investigative profession because certain shows are only driven by sensationalism,” said Mr. Ammons. Ratings are important, but Private Eyes have a responsibility to the profession by insuring that these shows create an accurate reflection of our industry while providing the audience with the education and entertainment they seek. Nonetheless, if someone is entertaining the thought of entering the Private Investigation profession, here are some skill sets that should be considered:

What makes a great investigator?

A good surveillance investigator must have several necessary skills in order for him or her to be effective while conducting a surveillance investigation in Los Angeles, California. It is paramount that surveillance investigators remain covert and undetected. There are extreme difficulties when conducting surveillance anywhere in California; however performing surveillance in highly populated metropolitan cities like Los Angeles can offer a unique set of challenges. A successful investigator must quickly adapt to the every changing circumstances that occur during surveillance in cities where neighborhood watch, drug & gang activity, limited or no parking, obscured or limited vantage point options, closely nit neighbors, high pedestrian and vehicular traffic are routinely present. However, in order to be a great surveillance investigator it is essential for the investigator to obtain and become familiar with the intricacies of the surveillance equipment at their disposal to achieve the anticipated success. Despite these daily challenges, Corinthian Group utilizes its 14 years of investigative surveillance experience tailing unsuspecting claimants, spouses, fraudsters, criminals, employees and parents involved in child custody battles throughout the congested Los Angeles boulevards and rush hour traffic, to discreetly obtain the useful evidence their clients expect. Mr. Ammons has developed specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for every type of case where photographically and or video documenting evidence is necessary. Corinthian Group trains their new recruits and molds them into successful surveillance investigators. When necessary, Corinthian Group hires the top private investigators within the industry that aren’t just great investigators but are experience and astute surveillance operatives.

Corinthian Group is a faith based and family operated professional private investigation agency located in Ontario, California that specialize in the art of surveillance for workers compensation insurance fraud claims, infidelity, child custody and criminal cases. Corinthian Group caters to attorneys, industrial businesses, private individuals, workers compensations insurance companies, and third party administrators (TPAs). Founded by Mr. & Mrs. Claude & Kim Ammons in 2002, Corinthian Group has consistently strived to offer fast, reliable and competitively priced investigative solutions through its unique “Actionable Intelligence Plan or AIP”, which is strategically designed for every client. Kim uses her innate investigation abilities to scour the internet and or peruse relevant documents to obtain the evidence their clients seek, while Claude uses his vast experience to develop each client’s AIP to insure that each case is managed efficiently with results being the prime objective. As the 2009 Professional Investigators of California Association President, Claude Ammons has tangible corporate experiences that allowed him to create a successful business model using the city of Ontario’s strong global commerce to help facilitate his goal of taking the company national within the next 5-7 years. Corinthian Group has investigative operatives strategically located throughout the entire state of California and nationally. However, because of Corinthian Groups unique location in Ontario, it is geographically close and services Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County. For more information on Corinthian Group, contact Claude or Kim at (877) 687-3939 or visit http://www.Corinthian-Group.com. Corinthian Group is licensed through the California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS) , license # 26978/23070.

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