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Corinthian Group is California’s best private investigation agency that specializes in surveillance. Corinthian Group rarely loses our claimant/target, we always get video evidence and we don’t get burned because we stay covert.

Corinthian Group is a faith based professional private investigation agency based in Southern California. We specialize in the art of surveillance for workers compensation fraud, infidelity and child custody & welfare investigation cases.

We know that your situation is of a sensitive nature and very personal. We understand the emotion and or embarrassment you may be feeling, however you are not alone… Corinthian Group is here to help you through difficult periods in your life or business and will share some resources with you so that you, your family and business can begin the healing process.

Please call us now! An Investigative Consultant will work with you to determine the best course of action and will take the time to make sure that you are completely ready to initiate the investigation… Our advice is always FREE and the Corinthian Group Proposition will help you keep money in your pocket!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Claude & Kim Ammons

Mr. & Mrs. Claude & Kim Ammons

Surveillance Systems Group Inc. doing business as Corinthian Group

Claude Ammons

Corinthian Group Inc.
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