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Preparing for your Child Custody Case



Child Custody Court Battle

As a parent there are often many unexpected expenses that are not accurately factored into the child support ruling and or new expenses that were never considered in the original assessment. As your child gets older, their needs will increase and so will the expenses of raising that child.

Too many times, the judge is forced to determine the credibility of the parties involved because it is one person’s word versus another. Unfortunately, many times the judge will often side with the petitioner because in the judge’s eyes the petitioner made the decision to fight for their child. So it is even more important that you present unemotional, factually based and unbiased evidence for them to consider.

We have worked for many clients to uncover additional income that their ex has hiding from the court and obtain irrefutable evidence to help the courts address non-disclosed income.

I have personally dealt with child support and custody disputes with my own children. I understand the reluctance many of us have about taking our ex to court of these matters; however I can personally attest that fighting for my children was always the best decision I ever made…



Child Custody Visitation and Shared Parenting

There are many non-custodial parents who initially give up their right for full and or joint physical and or legal custody. However, in most cases the longer you wait, the less likely the court will reconsider modifying the custody and or support. Now might be the time to petition the court to reconsider their prior ruling, especially if you can provide the court with evidence that will prove that you child would be the beneficiary. However, you must not attempt to obtain this evidence on your own as the judge will most likely admonish you for your actions and dismiss your evidence because it was not obtained by an unbiased third party.

Many of our clients have dealt with their ex not picking up their child at the prearranged time, demanding and or refusing visitation when they so desire which becomes extremely frustrating when my clients have remarried or are in successful relationships. They want to move on with their lives, yet the ex still has control over them. Take the control out of their hands and make them abide by the current court order.


Tips for Father Involved in Child Custody Battles

If so, then you must take action. A child custody private investigator can document work hours/schedule, places of employment, identify undisclosed forms of income, substantiate child safety concerns, document violations of court orders, be an impartial witness during visitation/child exchanges and provide evidence of abuse and or neglect. When necessary, we will testify to the evidence we obtained on your behalf.

PLEASE NOTE: It is extremely important that you retain an experienced and competent attorney for these types of family law matters. If you do not have an attorney, we will refer you to an experienced attorney in your area who may have valuable insight into the demeanor and tendencies of the judge who is presiding over your case. Together, we will be able to professionally submit compelling evidence to the court which will undoubtedly benefit both you and your child/children…Does your child/children live in an unhealthy and or abusive home?

Often times we enter into relationships without completing understanding how important it is to consider the strengths and or weakness of our sexual partner. Despite our best efforts to prevent pregnancies, children are being born into unstable families and don’t have a say so who their parents are. It is the parent’s responsibility to work diligently to provide the best environment possible to raise their children. Children are being physically abused, mentally abused, sexually abused and can often be sold as sex slaves.

I have handled multiple Child Custody cases where the non-custodial parent sees signs of malnutrition, physical abuse, lack of appropriate hygiene and or they have reason to believe that their child/children are in an unsafe environment. Unfortunately, many of our male clients unknowingly give up their rights in an attempt to avoid what the believe are unnecessary disagreements. YOU have more rights than you know and must speak up for your child, as they don’t have the authority to speak on their own behalf… What could be more necessary?


Physical Abuse:

  1. Bruises on parts of the body that are generally covered by clothing and or wears inappropriate clothing to hide bruises.
  2. Unknown/unexplained marks or abrasions to the head.
  3. Serious injuries and or broken bones to infants or toddlers.
  4. Suspicious injures/broken bones to grade school children with 1 or fewer witnesses.
  5. Flinches at sudden movements and or seems frightened to be around a specific person/family member/friend.
  6. Is afraid of or refuses physical affection. Avoids casual touching such as clothes/diaper changing. Refuses to change clothes in front of others.
  7. Runs away from home or is avoids going home by staying with friends

Child Neglect:

  1. Child/children extremely hungry when they visit.
  2. Rashes, ringworm and or other skin irritations.
  3. Lice Poor hygiene IE- Body odor, unwashed and uncombed hair
  4. Untreated injuries, sicknesses and or is constantly has a cold for months at a time.
  5. Often late or absent from school or other social functions.
  6. Often left alone and or is not properly supervised in unsafe environments.

Emotional Abuse:

  1. Sudden changes in eating habits for no obvious reasons.
  2. Unexplained nightmares and or has now has bed wetting issues.
  3. Poor ability communicating/expressing feelings and or controlling their emotions.
  4. Child exhibit fear or worry about making a mistake.
  5. Withdrawn from physical and social activities
  6. Acts older or younger than their age. IE-Taking care of other children and or sucking finger, etc.
  7. Low self esteem

Sexual Abuse:

  1. Has toys, money or other sudden gifts without reason.
  2. Thinks of their own body or self as dirty. Low self esteem.
  3. Talks about new adult or older friends.
  4. Has learned new and or inappropriate words for body parts.
  5. Mimicking sexual behavior with toys or inanimate objects. Displays an interest and or has knowledge of sexual acts inappropriate for their age.
  6. Is afraid of or refuses physical affection. Avoids casual touching such as clothes/diaper changing. Refuses to change clothes in front of others.
  7. Runs away from home

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