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California Insurance Fraud Investigators’ Role in Stemming Fraudulent Activities

California Insurance Fraud Investigators’ Role in Stemming Fraudulent Activities

Insurance Fraud Private Investigators California Insurance fraud investigators, the Department of consumer services division, and the Fraud Division play a vital role in stemming the exponential growth in cases of insurance fraud. More people are trying their luck at insurance fraud as a way of getting cash either out of greed or a misdirected attempt at alleviating the biting economic environment.

What Constitutes Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud is committed when one intentionally provides incorrect information designed to access a benefit or payment that would otherwise not be payable from an insurance company. In California, committing insurance fraud constitutes a felony which is a serious offense. This felony attracts severe penalties which include jail. Typical examples of insurance fraud include false damaged or stolen property claims, false medical claims and staged car accidents.

What Proof Is Required For A Conviction?

It is necessary to prove that the suspect deliberately and successfully went through with a fraudulent act designed to unduly benefit from an insurance policy. In the absence of these 2 acts at the same time, then whatever transpires does not qualify for insurance fraud. N attempt that is met with failure can also be prosecuted before he courts.

What Are The Sanctions?

The decision to treat the act as a felony or misdemeanor rests with the prosecutor. This and other provisions are contained in the California Penal Code under Sections 548 to 550. The law provides for the imprisonment in a county jail for a period up to 1 year and/or payment of restitution and fines if a misdemeanor conviction is attained while a felony conviction attracts anything from 2 to 5 years in a federal prison along with fines and restitution. In all these proceedings a repeat offender will face a stiffer set of penalties.

What to Do When You Face an Investigation

When you are contacted by Insurance Fraud Private Investigators, the police, federal bureaus or any other investigator for the purposes of fraud investigation, it is important to deal with the issue and not try to evade the case. You might need to contact your lawyer and get advice on how to proceed, but fleeing and hiding only serve to postpone the inevitable. The greatest advice that you can get however is that crime does not pay and there are private investigators in California who can bring you to book.