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C ammons 20yr reun
Director of Operations, Kim Ammons

Experience: Kim Ammons is currently our Director of Operations/Field Operative. She has 10 years of Investigative experience. Kim’s duties include but are not limited to insurance fraud investigation, case management, investigator supervision, coordinating multi-investigator details, difficult process serves, background & locate investigation, client management, interviewing & obtaining witness statements, scheduling, training, report editing and daily corporate operations.

Continuing Education:

Profiling, Jury Debriefing & Declarations, De-fusing a violent person, Personal Injury, Interviewing Documents, Insurance Specialist, Analytic Interviewing, Environmental Investigations, Client Marketing, Current claims environment, Worker’s Compensation laws, Judgment Enforcement, Computer Investigations

Licenses/Permits/Certificates: Private Investigator license #’s 26978/23070, Criminal Defense Specialist, CA Guard Card, American Heart Association CPR/First Aid, and CCW for the state of Nevada.



Claude D. Ammons Jr.

Private Investigator-Executive Director

Experience: Claude D. Ammons II, the Executive Director & East Coast Regional Manager of Corinthian Group’s Eastern United States operations has over 50 years of combined Law Enforcement and Investigative experience.After retiring after 38 Years of Law Enforcement with the County of Los Angeles, Claude Jr. moved to Vermont and entered the private sector where he continues his training.

Continuing Education:

Vermont State Police Academy, 02/28/03, 58 hours
VT State Police Academy (VIN and Fingerprinting), 03/03/03, 8 hours
MVM, Inc. In-Service Training, 12/06/02
CSU-Long Beach (Internal Affairs Seminar), 12/16/98, 24 hours
Field Training Officer, 05/16/97, 40 hours
Los Angeles Police Dept. (Problem Oriented Policing), 12/23/96, 8 hours
Rio Hondo Police Academy (Cultural Awareness), 11/11/95, 8 hours
Rio Hondo Police Academy (Hate Crimes), 11/17/95, 8 hours
Rio Hondo Police Academy (Sexual Harassment), 11/18/95, 8 hours
Rio Hondo Police Academy, 08/12/95, 729 hours
Rio Hondo Police Academy (Semi-Auto Handgun) 03/19/89, 24 hours
Rio Hondo Police Academy, (Supervisory Course) 05/15/87, 80 hours
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office, 09/10/82, 780 hours

Credentials/Licenses/Certifications: Private Investigator license # 26978/23070, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Certificates, State of CA-Dept. of Justice.



Kim Ammons
Private Investigator-Qualified Manager
CA PI # 26978/23070

Claude D. Ammons III,the principal of Corinthian Group has over 21 years of investigative and protective experience. His expertise over the years has ranged from security/security Consultancy, executive protection details for large corporation & VIP’s, loss prevention/undercover assignments for major retail chains, surveillance operations for both insurance companies and private sector clientele. Mr. Ammons is a licensed Private Investigator, with practical hands-on knowledge gained from years of field experience while working with some of the largest and well known investigative firms. His desire to provide his clientele solutions for their problems in the most cost efficient manner is unmatched in the industry. His commitment to continuing education, new cost efficient technologies and specialized background training are the primary reasons that his clients enjoy a successful Team oriented working relationship. Mr. Ammons’ “think outside the box” mentality aides in his relentless pursuit for perfection in all that he endeavors. All other affiliated agents are fully trained by Mr. Ammons, licensed and competent. His prestigious clientele list includes major computer firms, insurance companies, municipalities, law firms, celebrities, and VIP’s throughout the United States.


Workers Compensation Claims Case Management, Covert Surveillance Operations, Executive Protection, Threat Assessment & Security Consultation, (Audio/Video) Mystery Shopper Training Programs, Loss Prevention Techniques and Undercover Operative Training, Polygraph Testing, Loss Control, Telecom Information Investigation, Supervision & Training, Computer Investigations & Forensics, Data Recovery, Email Tracing and Drive Imaging, Process Service & Background Checks, Locating & Protection of Assets, Criminal Investigations, Closed Circuit Television Diagramming (C.C.T.V.), Report Writing & Dictation, Interview & Interrogation Techniques, Witness Testifying, Advanced Tailing Techniques.Continued Education:
11/08: The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (C.D.I.T.C.) = Component Method
11/07: Environmental Investigations = Phase I – Site Assessment & identifying PRP’s and Phase II – Environmental Assessment
09/04: American Firearms & Security Training Center = Carrying a Concealed Handgun Course. Concealed Weapons (CCW) PermitsIn Nevada, Florida and Utah
12/02: National Law Enforcement Training Institute = Computer Investigation Course
06/99: Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates = Investigative Interviewing Techniques
02/99: Riverside Community College = P.C. 832 Powers of Arrest, Level III Module A and P.C. 832 Firearms P.O.S.T.
05/96: Alliance Group/Within Arms Reach (WAR) = Level 1: Bodyguard Certification (P.P.S.)
09/89: Unified Schools of America (USA) = Professional Security Officer Course

*** The Corinthian Group Value ***

Corinthian Group specializes in workers’ compensation, disability insurance fraud and liability fraud and is focused on delivering results oriented investigative services.

Corinthian Group offers:

  • Same day electronic updates, subject identification and substantiating video
  • Case Monitor-Web based and paperless claims management system
  • 24 hour and rush availability at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Assigned & Dedicated Case Managers and or Investigative Consultants.

Corinthian Group strives to maintain the latest technological advancements in order to maximize our clients required results. We are continually developing new strategic uses of technology to better serve our clientele.

We are a full serve Private Investigative firm with an emphasis and dedication to serving the needs of the Insurance, Corporate and Legal industries. Whether conducting hostile witness locates, going undercover to infiltrate a theft ring and or obtaining mitigating surveillance video, we provide the timely, relevant and actionable intelligence needed to prepare your cases so you can make informative decisions.

Through our affiliate Private Investigator network, Corinthian Group has integral resources throughout the world. This allows us to handle major assignments, while still providing the personal attention and integrity necessary for the more intimate assignments.

From inception, Corinthian Group sought to be a technology savvy private investigative firm. Corinthian Group wanted to leverage technology so that the entire investigative process was efficient, which improved the work product that was then easily witnessed by Claims Professionals, Attorneys and Corporate clientele, alike. Every aspect of Corinthian Group’s daily operation revolves around utilizing State of the Art Technology, Expertise and Integrity in providing our client with efficient results they desire.


Along with leveraging technology, Corinthian Group strategically utilized a unique business model to encourage our private investigators. One of the main concerns with managing personalities the founders faced was investigator burn-out and apathy. Corinthian Group recognized from their own personal experiences that private investigators who are challenged with a variety of cases, continued training and who knew that their efforts were appreciated by management, increased the overall work product & client retention across the board.

Our Investigator Retention Plan is as follows:

  1. Train Investigators to work a variety of Investigative cases.
  2. Offers monetary compensation and or ownership in an organization that they help succeed.
  3. Pay for continued education outside of the training provided internally.
  4. Investing in our Investigators family and individual goal regardless if it is in the company’s best interest.
  5. Preparing and providing specialized investigative tools to help our Investigators start their own competing business.
  6. Assist our Investigators in acquiring laptops, wireless internet (air-cards) and other integral surveillance equipment.

The standard of performance that we consistently provide is the highest degree of the Integrity, Competence and Timeliness held which enables us to be leaders of our expertise. Each assignment is completed thoroughly and on time. Emergency orders are given expedited priority treatment, without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency. At Corinthian Group we pride ourselves on the reliability of our professional service. It is our goal to proactively assist Defense Attorneys, Adjusters/Examiners and other clientele in assuring that they are aware of important upcoming appointments (IE. Depositions, Evaluations, Trials etc.), that are pertinent to the success of the assignment.